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There exists designs, web developers and hosting
But nothing to connect the three
Sitekic unifies all the processes involved in the making of a 'website' under a single roof

It's true!

  • Numerous sites like provide exceptional quality designs at very reasonable prices.
  • Hosting charges have hit rock bottom.
  • Yet when the 99% needs a website, we still have to search for a web developer for making and hosting a website and end up paying a fortune.


Present Scenario

Believe it or not. It's all not that easy for a regular person to get a website.
Sure, there are ads shouting out how cheap hosting your site is.
But what about the website? You usually pay a web developer for a new design you are not satisfied with or go with a "free template" which looks like a DOS Manual from 1995.

Let's talk Personal.

"Being a designer/developer myself, I've had experiences of people approaching me after paying a premium for a website they didn't want and getting totally ripped off. Satisfaction is a big thing."

Here's what happens today:
• You contact a web developer for a website. He takes his own sweet time to reply and quotes a high price. The deal gets through after a lot of negotiations and he starts work on the website design. Most time, it happens that the developer rips off themes from pirate websites and passes them off as his own.

• If you are savvy enough, you just might get a neat theme from a theme site, but then will have to ask someone for help with logo, editing the HTMLs, setting up Worpdress and getting it hosted. Everything will become an overhead for you.

Either way, you pay up a lot more than what you are supposed to, waits an extremely long time to get your website live and also has to go through the hassles of getting a domain and hosting it!

SiteKic is different

Sitekic makes the initial few steps required in getting a website up and running as hassle-free as possible to the end user.

You select from an ocean of awesome themes, get the site setup and ready to post and even gets the website hosted, assisted and guided all-through so that you feel at ease and all at a fraction of the above model's costs and time.

Sitekic delivers a ready-to-use website to you, just like what you wished for so you have all the time in the world for the more important things to be taken care of. Like your creativity. Or that great blog post. Or dreaming your next big idea.


Here is where it gets totally interesting! Ditch the idea of logging into three (or more) websites to manage their Domains, Theme, Creative Services and Hosting. In the end, you get your website done MUCH cheaper.

  • A single place for managing your website.
  • Say no to scrupulous small-time web designers who try to take unfair advantage of clients.
  • Convenient one-time, one-place Annual Billing
  • No piracy; Justice to the theme designers.