A little bit of history on sitekic. Starting circa 2009, we have our roots as a simple hosting company. Loads of clients and product experiences later, we use the leanings to build websites and SaaS products for you.
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sitekic. Timeline

  • sitekic

    Jan 2018

    sitekic. Your online-presence sidekick

    Years of experience in branding, building beautiful websites, UI/UX, hosting, managing servers and creating robust platforms culminated in what sitekic is today.

    Sitekic is for individuals, startups and businesses
  • siteKic

    Nov 2011

    SiteKic Websites for everyone

    Sitekic made its debut on Nov 12, 2011 with a simple aim - to make it easier for anyone to own a good looking website, eliminating all the hassles in the process; To be the single point of contact for all things related to a website - be it Design, Development, Content Writing, Domain or Hosting! Essentially, your sidekick in getting a website. And 'Sitekic' because Sitekick was taken.

  • divCube

    Nov 2010

    divCube Wordpress Hosting

    Before Sitekic, there was divCube. divCube had a good run wherin it designed, developed and hosted Wordpress websites for individuals, startups and even some multinationals. 30 clients and close to a hundred domains later, divCube outgrew itself to become even bigger.

  • wiZehost

    Feb 2009

    wiZehost Hosting Services

    Before divCube, there was wiZehost. With a whole month to spare before joining my first job, some impulsive talks with Vivek of SunShell led to Wizehost. During its lifetime, wiZehost had around six Clients' friends' accounts. Wizehost was more of a sandbox where we experimented on configuring servers, setting up domains, WHM/WHMCS, cPanel, automation, integrations and the like... After getting two paying customers(word of mouth), it was time to get more powerful servers and rebrand Wize.


We specialize in creating amazing brand identity, products and websites.

Providing hassle-free solutions to individuals and startups since 2009.

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