Get your product designed, built, deployed and scaled.
From scratch.

Describe your idea and get the final product. We handle everything in between.
In fact, we'd like to call these as Minimum Viable Startups

Take informed decisions

We use our expertise in design, code, dev-ops, products and startups to build your product.

Before you make a full-time transition to your startup, we get you the MVP ready.

You can decide the next steps based on the MVP's traction.

Info Although we call these as MVPs, they are really robust. CheckInn uses this architecture and has been handling close to 4 Million server requests a month!


The Platform

We'll build your backend upon Laravel - simply the best PHP framework out there

Go live in a considerably short amount of time. Laravel, with its elegant and expressive paradigms, would also make it super-easy for a hand-over.


The Front-end

We'll build your app upon the Angular Acidic framework

Maximizing the best of what modern web technologies haev to offer, we will provide the best end-user experience


The Cloud

Finally, we use a fully-managed AWS cloud instance for hosting your startup.

  • Ready for 1 user or 1 million users
  • Pay only for what is used
  • Dedicated resources like PHP RAM
  • SSH/SFTP Access
  • Git & Composer based automated deployments
  • Load balanced
  • Decoupled MySQL -- RDS by AWS and thus decoupled from the App, running on isolated Nodes with their own resources
  • Daily db backups
  • One-click scale (Horizontally/Vertically) -- Add RAM, Nodes, Scale DB, Memcached, Object Storage, Workers... all on-demand

MVPs starting at $3,600

Includes branding, design, platform architecture, MVP features, development, APIs, front-end dev and initial deployment to the scalable cloud
Current status
Ongoing Projects: 1

We specialize in creating amazing brand identity, products and websites.

Providing hassle-free solutions to individuals and startups since 2009.

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