PHP cloud hosting for Startups

Effortlessly scale on-demand

Focus on your product and marketing. Not the hardware and technicalities associated with scaling.
1 user - 1 million users

When your app goes from 1 user to 1 M users, don't worry about migrating the system. The same AWS cloud scales.

Fully Managed

You need not worry about setup, security, backups, hardening or scaling. Our managed cloud is hassle-free.

The Cloud

Get your startup's platform run off a fully-managed AWS cloud instance.

  • Ready for 1 user or 1 million users
  • Pay only for what is used
  • Dedicated resources like PHP RAM
  • SSH/SFTP Access
  • Git & Composer based automated deployments
  • Load balanced
  • Decoupled MySQL -- RDS by AWS and thus decoupled from the App, running on isolated Nodes with their own resources
  • Daily db backups
  • One-click scale (Horizontally/Vertically) -- Add RAM, Nodes, Scale DB, Memcached, Object Storage, Workers... all on-demand

PS: We specialize in PHP cloud hosting - Laravel, CodeIgniter, WP, Magento, Symfony et al. Other platforms & languages are not supported at the moment.

Cloud hosting starts at $8/mo

Single-node PHP w/ MySQL RDBMS @ $8/mo.

Based on your startup requirements, scale upto 6GB PHP nodes, 200GB MySQL, Memcached, Workers, CRONs.
A startup app with ~1-2 million requests would fit in $30/mo. Enquire for custom-quotes.

We specialize in creating amazing brand identity, products and websites.

Providing hassle-free solutions to individuals and startups since 2009.

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